In the fall of my son's senior year, it became apparent that we were a little behind in getting my son lined up to play college football (definitely an understatement). The biggest challenge that we had was not knowing what to do, who to contact, the steps involved, etc. My son has played football for 10+ years, so we knew we had a chance, we just didn't know what to do. Not long after, we began to consider what we should be doing, until we contacted Terrell. Terrell basically offered to get my son noticed by colleges looking for football players. My son is slightly better than average football players, but has average grades, so we were willing to listen. Terrell helped my son create a profile, and showed us how to utilize film. Terrell acted as a broker in helping promote my son in designated areas. This was all done for a nominal fee that was easy to process, and not long after, we gave Terrell the "ok" to move forward. Terrell worked with my son closely , and coached him through the process. I am happy to say that after a few months of being part of the program, my son is getting an average of 2-3 calls and emails per week from prospective coaches looking for football players. These are legitimate contacts from good schools. Thanks to Terrell, we are progressing towards getting my son enrolled in a good football college.

Wayne Adkins (Father of Nick Adkins)

In this day and age, it s hard to find a company you can trust. Sports Unlimited Services was recommended to be my a friend, and know I know why-quality of services received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!


Terrell Fish, I just want to thank you for what you have done for me. You have really helped me out a lot to get me to where I need to be. Its been a pleasure working with you and I understand the process is not over yet, we still have work to do.

Kenneth Norton

Thanks for all your help Sports Unlimited Services. Today, I'm playing as quarterback for Southern University

Francis Kanneh

I'm thankful for the help that Sports Unlimited Services provided me. Today, I am able to play the sport I love at a good University while obtaining my education

Maxwell Edward Kurth

SUS helped my son get recruited to college and we sincerely appreciate them.

Tiffany D

Sports Unlimited Services has helped me tremendously during the time I had been with them. As a junior in high school, I didn't know much about the recruiting process until they educated me how to talk to coaches, and to get my name out there. Without them, I still wouldn't be playing the game I love on a scholarship. Apart from just recruitment, they really care about where you end up and build a lifetime relationship with you.

Brandon Bempah

Extremely happy with their services. Terrell is very personable and honest. He has a ton of experience and contacts. Terrell is one of the good guys, has the athletes and parents best interest at hand.

Eric E

I highly recommend Sports Unlimited Services, they strive for the best for. your child, they make your child's dreams come true. I testify to this because my child is a sports unlimited child. There is no limit on what your child can achieve with sports unlimited. I highly recommend them. My child has went from living in Ohio to now having the experience of a lifetime in Arizona with Ottawa University.

Tashing M

I've been a client with this company for years and they have really proven to make sure each client is helped. Long with being put in programs so you can progress as an individual.

Austin C

I was very satisfied with the results we got even when I thought there was no hope. They found a place for my son, its like they were looking for a place for the own kids to go and you don't have to keep picking up the phone wandering if they are searching schools because they kept on calling and asking if my son was ready and before you knew it, he had plenty of choice to pick from. Forget the rest and go with the best. You will not go wrong. I am a very happy parent because I chose Sports Unlimited Services and the results are unlimited. Thanks so much for your professional advice and guidance.

Gregg M